Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine

Application of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in the public sector of Ukraine

Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine implemented the pilot project “Quality Management through the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in the Ukrainian public sector” in 2021. The project was based on the Fund’s experience in using the CAF tool in implementing projects aimed at improving the social services sector and responded to a request for support from the State Center for Adaptation of the State Service of Ukraine to EU Standards. The centre operates at the National Agency of Ukraine for the development of a CAF implementing methodology at the local and central levels and is the only organization in Ukraine responsible for implementing CAF.

The project is aimed at supporting the development of a methodology for applying the CAF tool at the local level in Ukraine and supporting the implementation of CAF at the central level. Within the framework of the project, training events were held for Ukrainian officials with the participation of Polish experts, in which they shared their experience in implementing CAF in Poland. A number of training events were also held with the participation of Ukrainian professionals to support the Ukrainian side in the development of the CAF methodology for local self-government bodies.

This is a pilot project that was designed to help develop an approach that will be used at the local level in the future to boost the effectiveness of local authorities. Given Poland’s extensive experience in this area and the systemic similarity between the two countries (Poland and Ukraine), Poland’s support for the implementation of this mechanism is priceless. In accordance with the goals set for 2021 and planned activities within the framework of the project implementation, the developed methodology is planned to be applied in the management of territorial communities in 2022.

In the future, this will facilitate raising additional funding for regular support of administrative improvements.

The use of CAF is a good practice in many countries, especially in Poland. In the case of Ukraine, the use of such a tool can be useful in the context of systemic reforms and adaptation of public administration, which will make it closer to the EU structures and achieve long-standing aspirations for future membership in the European Union.

The project was implemented by the Solidarity Fund and co-financed under the Polish cooperation program for the development of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Poland. 

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