A renovated specialised room for medical scanning has been opened in Zhytomyr Regional Hospital. The room includes a multi-purpose CT scanner funded by the European Union, valued at approximately EUR 1 million.

The scanner, now put in service at the Zhytomyr Regional Clinical Hospital was purchased by the Solidarity Fund Poland in collaboration with the Polish Development Bank (Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – BGK), with funding from, and as part of a European Union initiative.

The hospital’s staff has received specialised training and the Department of X-ray Diagnostics is fully ready to receive patients.

The Head Doctor of the regional hospital Bogdan Leskiv shared his thoughts about the EU supported new CT scanner: «Thanks to European partners’ support, today our hospital is taking a very important step forward. This new scanner will increase the quality of diagnostics and help improve the preparation of our patients for operations of different levels of complexity. This kind of diagnostics is especially valuable for patients with cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.»

The opening of the medical imaging centre was attended by the President of the Solidarity Fund PL Rafał Dzięciołowski. He stressed that by helping Ukraine, the entire civilised world is showing a strong commitment to support Ukrainians on their path to victory and peace.

The provision of the scanner is part of a larger EU funded initiative of EUR 27 million to provide immediate support, mostly in the area of health, to people and municipalities affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. During the first year of the projects’ implementation, various kinds of emergency aid, funded by the European Union, were distributed to 253 municipalities in 24 regions of Ukraine. Assistance included more than 700 tons of food, hygiene products, baby food, more than 2000 generator, oven-stoves, and other goods to overcome the energy crisis. The municipalities also received equipment for their local or volunteer fire departments to respond to emergencies more efficiently during increased danger of fires.

In addition, 43 hospitals from Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Chernihiv, Sumy, Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv, and Kyiv regions received 25 ambulances carrying state-of-the-art equipment, hundreds of defibrillators, portable artificial lung ventilators, ultrasound machines, ECG machines, in addition to the CT scanner.