Solidarity Fund Poland in partnership with BGK (Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego) and the European Commission continue to help Ukrainian hospitals with the provision of vitally needed equipment.

Thanks to the EU’s funding, 39 hospitals in nine regions of Ukraine have received equipment for diagnosis, rehabilitation, as well as artificial lung ventilation, to ensure access to quality health care. In addition, ultrasound machines, ECG machines, heart monitors, defibrillators, and portable ventilators are being delivered to hospitals where they are in high demand.

Providing medical equipment is part of the Aid Ukraine project providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. For six months of the project, the team of Solidarity Fund Poland has delivered humanitarian aid to 221 Ukrainian local communities and the total cost of delivered goods is about 10 million euros.

In addition to this, generators, civil protection equipment, medical equipment, ambulances, long-term food, first aid kits, hygiene products, and other essentials depending on their needs have been delivered to communities.

We strongly appreciate the many doctors and medical professionals across Ukraine who work tirelessly despite air raids and shelling. Through our support we are happy to be able to contribute to their heroic work and save lives.