In response to the rapid growth of the needs of the people of Ukraine in the field of psychological and social support in overcoming the negative consequences of the war, the leadership of the Solidarity Fund PL initiated the creation of a project to organize psychosocial assistance to those who need it: war veterans, male and female defenders, members of their families and families of the dead, injured, were in captivity or under occupation, internally displaced persons, as well as civilians who have experienced traumatic experiences. 

Taking into account the critical need for professional rehabilitation and adaptation to civilian life of war veterans and with the financial assistance of the European Commission, the Polish Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the Democracy Support Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, a pilot project PRO_MentalHealth (Psychosocial Support in Ukraine) was created, the purpose of which is to develop and test a model for providing psychosocial services to the affected population at the local and district levels of the Rivne Oblast. Within the framework of the PRO_MentalHealth Project, 4 social and psychological support centres will be created (one in each district), whose activities will be based on multidisciplinary teams (a psychiatrist and three psychologists). A special feature of these teams will be the ability to provide services permanently and mobile — to meet the needs of people in remote localities of the district. It is expected that the range of services provided by the Centres will gradually expand from psychological assistance to other areas, depending on the results of the needs assessment and sources of combined funding.