Orders at the Solidarity Fund PL are executed in accordance with the Order Awarding Policy (Procurement Policy).

Basic principles for making purchases at the Foundation:

All activities carried out as part of procurement proceedings must comply with the Anti-discrimination policy, Whistleblower Policy and Anti-conflict of interest policy.

The Foundation shall exercise due diligence to guarantee the funds are spent in an objective-related and economical manner, in line with the principles of obtaining the best results from given expenditures, optimal selection of methods and means to achieve the target set.

The mode of Request for Quotation shall be the basic mode of selecting a Contractor. For procurements below PLN 30,000, a simplified procedure of Market Survey may be used, while for amounts below PLN 10,000 – the sole source contract procurement mode  applies which may also be used in special other cases provided for in the Procurement Policy.

In some cases, the Foundation may exclude an entity or entities from the procurement proceedings in the case of circumstances described in the Policy. If an entity takes appropriate remedial action and the Foundation deems it sufficient, we may agree to participation of such entity in the proceedings.

The entity that shall be selected in the procurement proceedings shall undergo due diligence, i.e., an examination of reliability and being subject to national and international sanctions. For this purpose, before concluding a contract, the pre-contract statement and declaration regarding Russian citizenship must be filled.