Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine



Improving civil defence in Ukraine at the local level

PRO_MentalHealth Project in Ukraine

Examining a Model for Delivering Psychosocial Services to War-Affected Population in Ukraine: A Case Study of Communities in the Rivne Region.

The Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine project

Emergency assistance to territorial communities affected by Russian aggression against Ukraine and/or aid to internally displaced persons

About us

Who we are?

The core activities of the Solidarity Fund PL are the cooperation for the development of other countries. The Fund’s focus is supporting democratic change, developing civil society, good governance principles, local democracy, sharing experience in economic and political transformation, and supporting free media and human rights organizations. The Fund is also engaged in humanitarian activities on need basis.

The Solidarity Fund PL is the State Treasury fund established in 1997 on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Poland who is now its honorary patron.

Nowadays the Solidarity Fund PL is one of the Polish key players in development cooperation; the directions of its activities are determined by the Department of Development Cooperation chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Fund is financed by Poland’s development cooperation programme (Polish Aid) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland as well as by investments raised from other donors. In 2023, the Fund completed the EU Pillar Assessments certification process allowing the increased funding from the EU.

The Fund’s priority focus is on Eastern Partnership countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. In Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, the Fund operates through its representative offices.

Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine was established in July 2019.

The mission of Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine is to support the development of democracy and self-government in Ukraine, implement cooperation for development projects, support sectoral reforms, and bring Ukraine closer to the standards of the European Union in the field of governance.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and after February 24, 2022, humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians was added to the development projects.

What we do?

We support sectoral reforms:

We provide advisory support from Polish experts to Ukrainian state institutions, central authorities, and local self-government bodies. We arrange visits of Polish experts to Ukraine as well as visits of Ukrainian experts and officials to Poland.

We cooperate with united territorial communities:

Our principles

When working in Ukraine, the Solidarity Fund PL is guided by several principles:




Paweł Kost


Anastasiia Chornohorska

Deputy Country

Adam Sauer

Deputy Country Director

Monika Ołów

Social Services Direction Owner


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